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Cranes for Sale UK – Find Your Ideal Crane

Call now for UK Crane Sales: New and Used Tower Cranes and Self Erect Tower Cranes available

Welcome to our Crane Sales Page.

We specialise in tower cranes and self erect tower cranes and offer a diverse selection to meet your construction needs.

Whether you require a high-reaching tower crane for large-scale projects or a compact self-erecting crane for tight urban spaces, we have new and reliable used crane options. We have your crane solution.

Our inventory includes:

  • High-Capacity Tower Cranes: Reach new heights and lift the heaviest loads with our robust tower crane selection.
  • Space-Saving Self-Erecting Cranes: Ideal for sites with limited space, these cranes offer quick setup and efficient operation.
  • Reliable Used Cranes: Discover exceptional value and performance in our selection of pre-owned tower cranes.

Trust our experts to guide your decision-making process. We’ll analyse your business and project requirements and recommend the best tower crane type or model to maximise your productivity and safety. 

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Let us help you make the right crane choice. Contact our team today!

Why Choose Us for Crane Sales UK?

Experienced Specialists:  Our knowledgeable team boasts years of experience in the crane industry. We understand the technical aspects of cranes and their practical applications across various sectors. This means we can help you select the right crane to maximise efficiency and minimise downtime.

Quality Commitment: We won’t compromise on quality. We source top-tier cranes from reputable manufacturers and conduct rigorous inspections on all used equipment. Buying a crane from us means investing in a machine you can rely on.

Competitive Pricing:  We understand that price is a significant factor. That’s why we offer competitive pricing on new and used cranes, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

After-Sales Support:  Our commitment doesn’t end with the sale. We provide ongoing support, including maintenance advice, spare parts sourcing, and repair services if needed. We believe in building long-term partnerships with our clients.

Explore Our Range of Tower Cranes for Sale

Regarding tower cranes, we offer a comprehensive selection to tackle any construction project. Here’s what sets our tower cranes apart:

Unmatched Reach and Capacity: Our high-capacity tower cranes can conquer towering heights and handle substantial loads. Perfect for large-scale developments, they offer impressive lifting capabilities and extended reach.

Efficiency Redefined: Self-Erecting Tower Cranes For urban construction or projects with limited space, our self-erecting tower cranes are the perfect solution. These innovative cranes boast a compact design and require minimal setup time, allowing you to begin operations quickly and efficiently.

New or Used – We Have the Right Crane for Your Budget

We understand that every project has unique budget considerations. That’s why we offer both brand-new and high-quality used tower cranes. Our used cranes undergo thorough inspections by certified technicians, ensuring they meet our rigorous safety and performance standards. When you buy a used crane from us, you get exceptional value without sacrificing reliability.

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Benefits of Owning Your Tower Crane

Owning your tower crane offers several advantages:

Increased Control: Manage your project schedule more effectively with your crane on-site.

Reduced Reliance on Rentals: Eliminate rental costs and potential availability limitations.

Long-Term Investment: Owning a crane can be smart, especially for companies with frequent lifting needs.

UK-Wide Delivery of Our Transport

We handle the rest once you’ve chosen the perfect tower crane for your site. Our dedicated team will arrange efficient and secure transportation of your crane directly to your construction location, anywhere within the UK. We have our fleet of specialised transport vehicles, ensuring a smooth and timely delivery process.

Ready to Find Your Crane? Stop wasting time searching and start lifting! Contact our crane sales experts today to discuss your requirements and get the perfect crane for your project. Let’s streamline your process and get your project off the ground.

A list of FAQs

Have questions about buying a crane? Our FAQs section is a valuable resource!

We’ve compiled answers to common enquiries about crane types, financing options, used crane inspections, and more.

Browse this section to find helpful information and get a head start on selecting the perfect crane for your project.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, our crane specialists are always happy to chat – don’t hesitate to contact us today!


What types of cranes do you sell?

We specialise in pedestrian-operated cranes, self-erect, and standard tower cranes.

Do you offer financing options?

We work with several financing partners to provide flexible payment options. Contact us to discuss your needs and explore financing solutions.

What areas do you serve for crane delivery?

We offer crane delivery throughout the UK using our specialised transport fleet.

How do I determine the suitable crane capacity for my project?

Our experts will assess your lifting requirements, including load weight, reach, and operating conditions, to recommend cranes with the appropriate capacity.

What is the difference between self-erecting and standard tower cranes?

Self-erecting Tower Cranes (SETC)

    • Quick setup & disassembly, often via remote control.
    • Ideal for tight spaces.
    • Smaller capacity and reach compared to standard cranes.

            Standard Tower Cranes

    • Requires auxiliary cranes and more time for setup.
    • More suited to larger scale and longer term projects.
    • Offer much higher capacity and reach.
Are your used cranes inspected?

All our used cranes undergo thorough inspections by certified technicians to ensure they meet our quality and safety standards.