HIAB Hire and Mobile Crane Hire

We offer an extensive range of premium HIAB hire and mobile crane services, tailored to meet all your lifting requirements. Our collection includes state-of-the-art HIAB trucks from 14m to 43m reach, known for their versatility and efficiency, perfect for a variety of lifting tasks.

HIAB hire


Our HIAB hire service offers top-of-the-line HIAB cranes renowned for their distinctive boom system. These HIAB cranes are not just visually striking; they are designed for superior performance in lifting and reaching tasks.

The design of our HIAB cranes focuses on maximising height and reach capabilities, ensuring they handle loads with exceptional efficiency. Every element of these cranes has been thoughtfully crafted to meet the specific needs of users, facilitating smooth and productive work operations.

One of the standout features of our HIAB cranes is their remarkable range, making it easier to lift materials across large distances, such as to the furthest points of a building’s roof, without the need to reposition the crane frequently. This efficiency is a game-changer in construction and industrial projects, where time and precision are of the essence.

Roof Truss Lifting

Elevating Construction with Advanced HIAB and Mobile Crane Solutions

We offer specialised roof truss lifting services utilising our extensive fleet of HIAB trucks and mobile cranes. These services are designed to cater to various lifting requirements, featuring state-of-the-art HIAB trucks known for their versatility and efficiency. The HIAB cranes, with their distinctive boom system, are particularly adept at handling loads across large distances and heights, crucial for tasks like roof truss lifting. The fleet also includes Klaas mobile cranes, renowned for their reach and height capabilities, ensuring efficient and precise operations.

Mobile Crane Wagon Hire

Our Klaas mobile cranes are a fantastic addition to our fleet, with their visually striking boom system and complete panelling, along with lockable storage compartments.

These cranes not only excel in reaching impressive heights but also offer exceptional reach values even when handling loads. Meticulously designed, every aspect of these cranes is carefully considered, catering to the specific requirements of their users, enabling convenient and efficient work operations.

With their remarkable range capabilities, transporting materials to the farthest edges of a large building roof becomes effortless, eliminating the need for crane repositioning.

Rapid Deployment Mobile Cranes

Quick-Setup, Versatile Lifting for Every Corner of Your Project.

Our comprehensive mobile crane service plays a crucial role in enhancing efficiency on construction sites. With the capability to be set up and operational within minutes, these mobile cranes offer a swift response to various lifting needs. Their versatility allows for the lifting and manoeuvring of diverse items, ranging from basic construction materials to more complex structures. These cranes are designed to reach all areas of a construction project, ensuring that lifting requirements are met promptly and safely.

machinery lifting HIAB

Expertise in Complex Machinery Lifts

Navigating Tight Spaces with Advanced Lifting Solutions

We are specialists in lifting plant machinery over buildings and large obstacles and into tight spaces, a task that demands precision and expertise. Using our advanced cranes and lifting equipment, we can safely manoeuvre heavy machinery over obstacles and into confined areas, a critical service in urban or densely built environments. This capability is essential for projects where direct access is limited, ensuring that essential machinery reaches the necessary site location without disrupting the surrounding area.

Complete Lifting Services

We provide UK wide HIAB Services and Mobile Crane Hire from our base in Lancashire

With an extensive selection of contemporary vehicles designed to cater to all your lifting needs. Our fleet comprises Rigid, Wagon & Drag, and Articulated Hiab’s. Furthermore, our sizeable array also encompasses Low-loaders, Moffett Mounted Forklift Trucks, and Articulated Flatbed Vehicles