Self Erecting Tower Cranes

why choose self erecting tower cranes

Self-erecting tower cranes represent a significant advancement in construction technology, offering unparalleled efficiency and flexibility on building sites.

These cranes are designed to be quickly assembled and dismantled, making them suitable for projects with tight deadlines or limited space.

Unlike traditional cranes, which require a significant workforce and time for installation, self-erecting tower cranes can be operational in hours. This feature is especially beneficial in urban environments or for short-term projects.

They typically operate on electric power, ensuring quieter operation with reduced emissions, making them more environmentally friendly than diesel-powered alternatives.

With their ability to be remotely operated and relatively compact footprint, self-erecting tower cranes are ideal for many applications, from residential building projects to smaller commercial constructions.

Their versatility and ease of use have made them famous in the modern construction industry.

Available Cranes & Specifications

Vicario OMV 31A SR

Vicario OMV 320

Vicario OMV 40A

Vicario OMV 340

Vicario OMV 45A

Potain Tower Crane Hire

HUP 40-30

Potain Tower Crane Hire

IGO T 85 A

San Marco SMH 321

San Marco SMH 420

Introducing the GAPO Crane Movers

Imagine moving massive cranes on construction sites with ease, safety, and efficiency. That’s the reality with the GAPO crane mover, a revolutionary tool changing the game for construction companies.

Say goodbye to the days of complex crane placements requiring multiple personnel and heavy machinery. GAPO is a compact, remote-controlled machine powerful enough to handle even the largest self-erecting tower cranes. Its nimble design maneuvers seamlessly through tight spaces, accessing areas traditional methods struggle with.

But GAPO’s power doesn’t compromise safety. Operate the machine from a safe distance using its intuitive remote control, minimizing risk and keeping your crew protected. It boasts a 360-degree rotating fixing flange, allowing precise crane positioning without moving the dolly itself, further enhancing safety and accuracy.

Beyond safety and efficiency, GAPO offers significant cost savings. Replace the need for multiple workers and heavy equipment with a single operator and the GAPO. Its fast operation minimizes downtime, further contributing to project efficiency and budget optimization.

Whether you’re tackling urban construction with limited space or navigating complex industrial sites, the GAPO crane mover offers a versatile and cost-effective solution. It’s not just a machine; it’s a transformation in crane placement, bringing safety, efficiency, and affordability to your construction projects.

Contact us today about our GAPO and experience the revolution in crane handling!

gapo self erect crane mover

Crane Hire & Crane Sales

We offer a comprehensive selection of equipment to support your operations, including Generators, Fuel Cubes, Grillage, Crane Attachments, Lifting Slings, Chains, Pallet Forks, Brick Grabs, Tip Skips, Mortar Tubes, and much more. In between assignments, cranes can be housed at our dedicated storage facility, ensuring they are thoroughly inspected and well-prepared for their next job. For storage service pricing, please reach out to us for a personalised quotation. Our goal is to equip your project with everything it needs to function smoothly and efficiently.

self erecting tower crane servicing

Crane Servicing & Repair

Before delivery, all cranes and associated attachments undergo a comprehensive service inspection and testing process to ensure optimal performance. For any major repairs or overhauls, our well-equipped workshop stands ready. We maintain an extensive inventory of parts and enjoy established connections with manufacturers all across Europe. This network allows us to expediently source any necessary components, ensuring the quickest possible turnaround for your project's needs. Trust us to uphold the highest standard of quality and reliability in all our equipment and services.