Vicario OMV 320

Vicario OMV 320

Jib Length: 33m

Max Height:

Max Lift: 3,000 kg

The Vicario OMV 320 self-erecting tower crane is a remarkable example of modern engineering and design in construction machinery.

This crane is precisely engineered to offer exceptional performance, versatility, and reliability, making it an ideal choice for various construction projects.

One of the standout features of the Vicario OMV 320 is its self-erecting capability. This innovative design allows for rapid deployment and setup, significantly reducing the time and labour required to assemble traditional tower cranes.

This feature is particularly beneficial in urban construction sites or areas where space and time are constrained. The crane’s self-erecting mechanism is not only efficient but also ensures a high level of safety during the setup process.

  • Height under hook – 20m – 21.50m
  • Max. Lifting capacity up to 13.30m – 3000kg
  • Lifting capacity at 33m – 1000kg
  • Radio control remote
  • Cable control remote
  • Galvanized structure
  • Cross base – 4.20m x 4.20m
  • Power supply – 18 kW

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