Vicario OMV 40A

Vicario OMV 40A

Jib Length: 35m

Max Height:

Max Lift: 4,000 kg

  • Height under the hook – 20.5 m – 30 m
  • Lift capacity at 39,80m – 1400kg
  • Crane with three-phase power 3~ 400 V 18KVA (50 Hz).
  • Capacity kg 1400-4000 two fall reeving.

  • Hoisting speed : 6,3 – 21 – 31 – 48 m/min
  • Mechanical specifications and standard fittings
  • Crane weight with axles, excluding counterweight, 19.830 kg.
  • Modular design jib for various reach combinations as indicated in schematic.
  • Automatic shock-absorbing buffers and far-end limit switch selector for immediate operation with folded jib.
  • 15° jib inclination with climbing trolley and no specific limit
    switching requirement.
  • Four-speed inverter-controlled hoisting.
  • Three-speed inverter-controlled rotation.
    Three-speed inverter-controlled trolley with adaptable third speed.
  • OMRON-YASKAWA inverters.
  • Electrics and trolley advance motor reducer mounted at base for easy limit switch and load moment switch calibration.
  • Three independent cylinder hydraulic erecting with 360° crane rotation and remote control.
  • Hydraulic power pack, slewing ring and mechanisms in protective casing.
  • EN 60204 standard electric equipment with overload
    forewarning and warning and separate horn alarm.
  • Radio push-button control.
  • Electrical equipment housed in stainless steel casing.
  • Cabinet for push-button control and tools.
  • Stabilisers with anti-skidding footboard.

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