Potain MCT 88

Potain MCT 88

Jib Length: 52m

Max Height:

Max Lift:  5t

Standing tall as the king of Potain’s city topless cranes, the MCT 88 isn’t just powerful; it’s remarkably adaptable. Designed for the unique challenges of urban construction, this crane boasts several features that make it a true game-changer:

  • Minimal Componentry, Maximum Potential: The MCT 88 minimises the required parts, streamlining assembly and disassembly. This saves valuable time on your tight urban job site and enhances portability and flexibility.
  • Effortless Urban Integration: With interchangeable bases, masts, counter-jibs, ballast blocks, and telescoping cages across other MCT models, the 88 integrates seamlessly into existing equipment fleets. This reduces upfront costs and simplifies logistics, minimising disruption in your urban setting.
  • Power You Can Trust: Don’t let its streamlined design fool you. The MCT 88 packs a punch with a 5-tonne lifting capacity and a 52-meter reach, easily conquering even demanding urban projects.

Whether navigating tight spaces, optimising logistics, or simply seeking a robust and adaptable crane for your urban construction needs, the MCT 88 is the perfect solution.

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