Potain MDT 159

Potain MDT 159

Jib Length: 60m

Max Height:

Max Lift:  6t

Meet the MDT 159, the newest addition to the renowned MDT City crane family. This 6-tonne powerhouse fills the gap between the MDT 139 and 189, offering exceptional performance for various construction projects.

Here’s what makes the MDT 159 stand out:

  • Maximum versatility: Choose a jib length from 25 to 60 meters in convenient 5-meter increments, tackling projects from small renovations to mid-sized buildings.
  • Impressive lifting capacity: Handle loads up to 6 tonnes, with 3.3 tonnes at 45 meters and 1.6 tonnes (1.75 tonnes P+) at 60 meters, ensuring efficiency across diverse lifting tasks.
  • Proven reliability: The crane utilises field-tested variable frequency control mechanisms and sturdy K masts for smooth operation and dependable performance.
  • Faster, more straightforward setup: Inheriting the MDT City range’s renowned speed and ease of erection, the MDT 159 minimises downtime and gets you working quickly.
    • Enhanced user experience: Choose from two new trolley systems: SM/DM Quick Lock™: Offers flexibility for changing reeving configurations.
    • DMP (Permanent 4-fall rope reeving): Provides simplicity and maximum lifting power without adjustments.

With its compact design and topless configuration, the MDT 159 is ideal for urban environments and sites with limited space. It’s perfect for construction companies seeking a versatile, powerful, and user-friendly crane solution.


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