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Guy Crane Hire: Your Construction Site's Essential Partner

Building your vision requires meticulous planning and reliable partners. Guy Crane Hire is your construction company’s indispensable ally when lifting heavy loads and reaching impressive heights.

With over 30 years in the industry, our team understands the intricate needs of construction projects. We offer expert advice on crane selection, ensuring you get the perfect match for your site, lifting capacity, and budget. Whether you’re dealing with complex urban projects or sprawling industrial builds, our knowledge and experience guarantee a smooth and efficient operation.

Unlike a one-size-fits-all approach, we boast a diverse fleet of modern tower cranes. From self-erecting options for quick deployment to high-capacity giants for heavy lifting, we have the right crane for any task. This flexibility ensures you’re not paying for unnecessary features and allows for optimal project optimisation.

Available Cranes & Specifications

Potain Tower Crane Hire

MDT 159


Comprehensive Tower Crane Services

Safety is paramount at Guy Crane Hire. Our cranes are meticulously maintained by certified professionals, adhering to the strictest industry standards. Our experienced operators, trained in the latest lifting techniques, ensure your crew’s and project’s safety at every stage.

Unexpected challenges are inevitable on construction sites. That’s why we offer 24/7 nationwide service. Our dedicated team is always available to answer questions, handle emergencies, and provide prompt support, minimising downtime and keeping your project on track.

We understand that construction projects are intricate puzzles. We go beyond simply renting cranes; we collaborate with you to create a customised lifting solution that fits your needs and budget. Our consultative approach ensures seamless integration into your workflow, maximising efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Choosing Guy Crane Hire means choosing a partner invested in your Success. We provide more than just cranes; we offer peace of mind, knowing your project is in the hands of reliable professionals. Let us help you reach new heights and overcome any lifting challenge your construction project throws your way.

Crane Hire & Crane Sales

We offer a comprehensive selection of equipment to support your operations, including Generators, Fuel Cubes, Grillage, Crane Attachments, Lifting Slings, Chains, Pallet Forks, Brick Grabs, Tip Skips, Mortar Tubes, and much more. In between assignments, cranes can be housed at our dedicated storage facility, ensuring they are thoroughly inspected and well-prepared for their next job. For storage service pricing, please reach out to us for a personalised quotation. Our goal is to equip your project with everything it needs to function smoothly and efficiently.

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Crane Servicing & Repair

Before delivery, all cranes and associated attachments undergo a comprehensive service inspection and testing process to ensure optimal performance. For any major repairs or overhauls, our well-equipped workshop stands ready. We maintain an extensive inventory of parts and enjoy established connections with manufacturers all across Europe. This network allows us to expediently source any necessary components, ensuring the quickest possible turnaround for your project's needs. Trust us to uphold the highest standard of quality and reliability in all our equipment and services.